Coffee Machine Instructions

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Turn on the machine by switching the rocker switch located on the top at the back to 1 - It turns off automatically.

Fill the water tank by pulling the loop and fill from the tap. Slide back into place once full.

It has heated up sufficiently once the lights stop flashing.

To steam milk, hold the steam arm in the milk and pull the lever on the opposite side of the machine towards you.

Once milk has been steamed, place the cup underneath the coffee spout.

To add the capsule lift the lever on top and slide capsule in to hole then close it

To make an espresso press left hand button - chose strength by twisting dial surrounding the button 1 weaker 5 stronger) to make a lungo coffee (larger coffee) press right hand button

To empty the pods (please do this at the end of your stay and empty the leftover water) pull forwards the base and lift out the container and tip in to the bin.

Video link