Other equipment provided for your convenience and comfort

We have provided a secure bike tether around the back of the bungalow for those that wish to secure their bikes. You will need to bring your own bike lock. It is hinged, if you have multiple bikes, attach them to each other and then loop through the tether to make sure all bikes are secure.

Hose and dog wash:

We have provided a hot and cold tap (red is hot, blue is cold) with a mixer hose along with a hose and a dog wash attachment. Please feel free to use these to wash your dogs or your bikes.

There is a grey dial on the dog wash mitt to allow you to choose how strong the water comes out. Massage the dog's fur with the brush for the most effective wash. Dog towels are provided in the large kitchen cupboard above the washing machine, but please wash and dry them before you leave as they are not covered with the laundry service. We also ask that if you have dogs you keep the throws provided on the sofas.

Washing line:

You can find an outside washing line attached to the wall by the master bedroom. There is a hook on the fence post to attach the end to. Once done, loop it around the bottom as shown to provide tension. Pegs can be found under the sink

‘Decorative logs’ - DO NOT LIGHT A FIRE

To turn on the lights for the fire effect use this remote control. You may need to get a little closer to the receiver which is plugged in behind the toy box. If it is not responding there is a blue button which resets it on the plug. The numbers are different lighting modes, number 8 is solid and the 1-7 are various flashing modes. You can also choose the brightness, This remote can be found in the coffee table along with the tv remotes.

There are games and books for children along with adult books and jigsaws for you to enjoy during your stay, please make sure to leave them all behind and in good condition for the next people to enjoy.